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Prague, Czech Republic – Noivion Coating, an innovative manufacturer of laboratory thin film coating systems, today announced the entry of a financial investor MIBCON Group a.s. “MIBCON Group‘s capital contribution will enable the company to expand its product portfolio of electron ablation (IJD) thin film deposition systems from the laboratory to the industrial systems sector,” […]

We present our new 2023 Lab Jet deposition chamber range from R&D to small production.Lab Jet 4.0 is the smallest of the group. Fits one IJD deposition source and one additional source (sputtering, evaporation, etc.). Is a fully featured system for R&D and process development. A range of options are available to tailor made the […]

30th May & 1st June 2023 Convention Centre of Strasbourg (France) Meet us at eMRS Spring Meeting 2023. Booth 49 Do not hesitate to write to to schedule a meeting. Noivion’s Chief Scientist Petr Nozar will present the latest IJD results at “Advanced functional films grown by pulsed deposition methods” Symposia Nanoparticles, nanostructures & nanoscale […]

In a new publication by Czech Technical University the ionized jet deposition (IJD) method is applied to the preparation of thin films composed of refractory HfNbTiTaZr high-entropy alloy (HEA).The results show that due to its stoichiometric reliability, the IJD method provides a flexible tool for deposition of complex multi-element materials, such as HEAs.  Skočdopole, J.; […]

Noivion succesfully developed a compact atmospheric plasma generator based on a 1kW 2,45 Ghz industrial magnetron. Microwave plasma is a technology of great interest in different research ad industrial fields of applications like: surface modification surface activation gas burning gas reforming, waste gas treatment coating etching cleaning propulsion in space For more information on this […]

A novel and disrupting work by IMEM-CNR demonstrated a process to produce by IJD MoS2 thin films in the 200 nm range with 2D optoelectronic properties. Many materials shows unique properties of great scientific and industrial interest when reduced to single atomic layers. However high volume or large are manufacturing solutions are currently still challenging. […]

We here report a new study [1] by IRCCS – Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli and university of Bologna published on Materials Science and Engineering: C. Titanium alloy samples were coated by IJD using deproteinized bovine bone as target material. The research presents the method to produce biogenic apatite coatings with bone-like composition and nanostructuredmorphology and proves […]

IJD is emerging as cost-efficient and versatile thin-film fabrication technique for the fabrication of transition metal dichalcogenides thin films, such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). We report a recent work [1] made at IMEM-CNR Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism in Trento that demonstrated the deposition of homogenous and continuous films of stoichiometric MoS2 by […]

9th & 10th October 2019 Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK Meet us with our distributor SS Scientific in Coventry at Vacuum Expo

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 10th & 11th October 2018 Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK Meet us with our distributor SS Scientific in Coventry at Vacuum Expo (Stand V07) and see a real IJD source.