A novel and disrupting work by IMEM-CNR demonstrated a process to produce by IJD MoS2 thin films in the 200 nm range with 2D optoelectronic properties.

Many materials shows unique properties of great scientific and industrial interest when reduced to single atomic layers. However high volume or large are manufacturing solutions are currently still challenging.

This process shows an industrially viable process to manufacture large area 2D-like materials overcoming intrinsic technological difficulties in the production of atomic size layers.

The solution developed by IMEM-CNR researches leverage the unique IJD ablation dynamics resulting in an amorphous MoS2 matrix with ultra thin crystalline MoS2 inclusions (flakes) that allow the thin film to perform like a 2D layer despite being 200 nm thick.

This outstanding work has been published open-access on Nature’s npj 2d materials and applications:

Timpel, M., Ligorio, G., Ghiami, A. et al. 2D-MoS2 goes 3D: transferring optoelectronic properties of 2D MoS2 to a large-area thin film. npj 2D Mater Appl 5, 64 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41699-021-00244-x


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