Prague, Czech Republic – Noivion Coating, an innovative manufacturer of laboratory thin film coating systems, today announced the entry of a financial investor MIBCON Group a.s.

“MIBCON Group‘s capital contribution will enable the company to expand its product portfolio of electron ablation (IJD) thin film deposition systems from the laboratory to the industrial systems sector,” said Jan Plecháček, Executive Director of Noivion Coating, commenting on the investment.  “IJD technology is already mature enough for industrial deployment. In combination with other thin film vacuum deposition technologies, it will provide a significant competitive advantage and contribute to their even faster mass adoption”.

For MIBCON Group, this is another investment outside the ICT sector. Jan Holík, Chairman of the Board of Management, explains it as follows “As a major company in the ICT sector, we are looking for interesting opportunities in other fields and are thus diversifying our activities. What attracted us to Noivion Coating was its environmentally friendly technical solutions, its innovative approach and the management team, whose approach convinced us of the prospects of this investment.”