We present our new 2023 Lab Jet deposition chamber range from R&D to small production.
Lab Jet 4.0 is the smallest of the group. Fits one IJD deposition source and one additional source (sputtering, evaporation, etc.). Is a fully featured system for R&D and process development. A range of options are available to tailor made the system on any specific need:

  • Heated rotary sample holder
  • Multi target holder
  • Load lock
  • and much more…

The bigger sisters are:

Lab Jet 6.0, designed specifically for multi material processes can work with up to 3 IJD sources in co-deposition and can host additional conventional sputtering or evaporation sources.

Lab Jet 8.0, is the larger chamber of the range, designed to fit a carousel, a 5x IJD source unit and additional conventional sources for hybrid deposition. Is the perfect pilot deposition system to test scale-up processes or to satisfy small/medium industrial coating needs (1000s parts per day).

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Lab Jet 4.0 Coating system