Biomimetic coatings

Stoichiometry conservation of complex compounds is a distinctive property of IJD technique. (More HERE on this topic). This technical opportunity has been exploited recently in a very smart way using properly treated animal bones as a material source to create bone apatite-like (BAL) coatings to promote osseointegration of orthopedic and dentistry implants.

The resulting morphology of BAL films appears very close to that of natural apatite, the composition closely resembles the one of the starting natural apatite target.

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M. Bianchi, A. Gambardella, G. Graziani, F. Liscio, M. Cristina Maltarello, M. Boi, M. Berni, D. Bellucci, G. Marchiori, F. Valle, A. Russo, M. Marcacci,
Plasma-assisted deposition of bone apatite-like thin films from natural apatite, Materials Letters (2017),

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