Lab Jet 4.0

Lab Jet 4.0 Coating system

A turn-key fully equipped IJD coating system.
The perfect solution for scientific research and process development.

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The Lab Jet 4.0 is the standard single IJD source coating system.
Is designed to provide all common functions and options for scientific research and process development at a competitive price.
Coats samples up to 4”, is equipped as a standard with a rotary sample holder ad single target holder.
Is designed to fit an additional deposition source like magnetron sputtering or evaporation.

Technical data

  • Chamber size
  • Large frontal door with view port for easy access and monitoring
  • Base vacuum
  • Sample size
  • Rotary sample holder with custom sample support/mask
  • Adjustable sample-target distance
  • Rotary target holder
  • Adjustable target-source distance
  • Multi target holder up to 5 targets
  • Lateral rotary sample holder
  • Sample heating up to 800°C
  • Load lock with sample transfer
  • 125 l
  • <1×10-5 mBar
  • up to 4″
  • base 70 mm Z-stroke -50/+100 mm
  • +5/-15 mm
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional


Lab Jet 4.0 is an ideal deposition system system for

  • research
  • process development
  • small production batches

See IJD in action in this video

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