S200 – R&D deposition chamber

  • S200 Bench Top IJD system
  • S200 Bench Top IJD Deposition System

The S201 is a small and affordable IJD deposition chamber perfect for thin film coating R&D or testing activities.


This chamber is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used as a bench-top system or mounted on a frame both in horizontal and vertical configuration.. With a basic setup is the ideal enrty-level system to discover the IJD capabilities. Can be easily expanded to a full featured R&D tool.


Shape: cylindrical
IJD setup: standard 90° (vertical or horizontal)
Dimension: diameter 370 (ISO-K320), height 262 cm
Flanges: 1x KF16, 3x KF25,  2x CF40, 2x CF63, 1x ISO-K100
Viewport: 1x ISO-F 100
Door: 1x ISO-K 320
Material: 304L / 316L Stainless steel

The S200 chamber can be provided alone, partially or fully equipped according to user requirements with different IJD sources, sample, target holder, heaters, vacuum pump etc..


R&D and process development for IJD based processes.
IJD can process a very wide range of materials for various applications in reactive or non-reactive mode:

See IJD in action in this video

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